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Margret at Purity's place

A day in the life of our founder’s work routine in slums

There are approximately 2.5 million slum dwellers in about 200 settlements in Nairobi representing 60% of the Nairobi population and occupying just 6% of the land.

Challenges in slums are many and children are the most affected by poverty.

What triggered her to serve in the community?

Our founder decided to dedicate her life to serve her community and country long before starting smile community centre after recovering from a life threatening experience due to her back injury while she was working as a casual labor in tea picking farms in the rift valley of Kenya.But the problem never started immediately.When she moved to Nairobi City with her family,what started as slight back pain escalated to a serious spinal cord condition which left her powerless.

After years of changing hospitals and being bed ridden,even doctors said she would never stand up again.Her strong spiritual belief in God that one day she would rise up never faded. It was a slow period of healing and recovery and when she stood up to walk again,she decided to live her life through service in the community.

How is her typical routine?

During a typical outreach routine, our founder Margret received a call that there are two mothers(Pamela and Purity) who both have twins but they have no food.Pamela’s house was closed and she was being accommodated by a local pastor.Margret went to offer them help at Tassia Sewage slums. (Below is her experience in Pictures)

Margret talking to children
That’s where Purity and her twins stay
At first we did not find her,she had not eaten last night so she woke up early to see if she can find something to eat and feed her twins
Pamela and Purity holding their twins
Pamela and Purity holding their twins
Margret Found Purity’s friends
Pamela and Purity
Pamela and Purity
Church room where Pamela stays with her friend Winnie.Winnie has a child with disability,that small girl you see is 3 years old
Margret holding the twins
Two twins