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Feeding Program

Child malnutrition is a major problem among children living in slums. This affects their physical growth and brain development. We do feeding programs targeting vulnerable children in Soweto slums.

It is sad that there are a lot of people around informal settlements of Kenya who starve on a daily basis. They are lacking one the basic needs everyone should have access to. How are they to go up their pyramid of needs, if even the basic ones they lack?

The feeding program is carried seasonally targeting community members mainly women and children who cannot afford a meal. When we also have enough food donated, they come to our office and are given a meal to eat and cereals or floor to keep them moving on.

In future we are looking forward to expand the feeding program to other neighboring areas like sabasaba, kayole one and matopeni slums.

A Feeding Program by smile community at Soweto Slums,Kayole Nairobi,Kenya

An overview of the feeding program organized by smile community centre and well-wishers

Donate Food

Are you a company or individual interested in sponsoring our feeding programs? Please do not hesitate to support this mission by donating food items today. Please contact us now


To promote self-reliance, education and well being of orphaned and vulnerable children,women and youth in the informal settlements.


To see a community free from illiteracy, lack of sustainable income and poor health.