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A photo representing a home by Sebastian Sørensen

A place to call home

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Walking down the streets of both urban and rural areas,you’ll come across street children.This probably means that they have no homes and they live in the streets with no one looking after them apart from themselves.This is not a safe place since there we have very different kinds of people and you never know who’s the villain and who’s not.

Having to be on alert at all times because you never know when tragedy may strike is their way of living.Being beggars is what they are used to.Surviving is what keeps them going.And as a result of this,many of them end up stealing whatever they can get from whoever so that they don’t have to sleep on an empty stomach.

Sure stealing is not right but what do you expect them to do?This is the only way they know how.And this of course has its consequences.Many of them end up getting caught and beaten to a pulp while some of them unfortunately end up getting killed.This is not how one’s life is supposed to end.It’s not what I would wish upon someone.But the world is a cruel place and that’s just how it is.

I’m usually really impressed by these children because no matter what life throws at them,they keep on living and going.Even though they feel like it may not be worth it at the end they still keep on going.This effort should not be left to go to waste.We take these children in so they can have a reason for living.A reason to keep on fighting because eventually there will be light at the end of the tunnel.

Before taking them in,we usually give them a temporary stay and do thorough research with the help of the police,chief and also locals to determine whether they have relatives who can take care of them and if there aren’t any we take them in with approval of relevant authorities because there are many incidences where children are used as beggars by adults.We do this to ensure that we help those who are in real need and absolutely have no one.

I don’t think there’s anyone without a goal in life,and these children also have that,and to achieve those goals they need assistance,someone to guide them to the light,someone to give them a shoulder to lean on when things get tough or when things don’t seem to be going well.We at smile community offer that.We give them the support and the love that they deserve.

But it’s all not possible without people like you.People who want to make a difference in the world.It may not seem like a big thing to you but trust me,to someone else it is.No one else can help keep these children safe apart from you and us.You know even a doll can brighten up someone’s life.And that’s how much little it takes to make a change.Be that change.

Written By : Mourine Kirigho
Posted by : Peter Wafula