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holding a hand of a child

Orphaned and vulnerable children need support for a promising future

Do you ever think about destitute children who live in the streets? Do you ever think about orphans who have no father, mother or relative to support them?

You may be fortunate to find support as a child or if you struggled to grow as an orphan or vulnerable child, you probably understand the harsh realities of growing up. For many orphans and vulnerable children living in slums and informal settlements, living a life of support is just a dream.

Poverty, mental illness of parents, domestic violence and drug abuse are some of the many causes in the community which directly affect the lives of many children around the world. While few of them are lucky to find foster families who can take care of them, the majority of them are left alone, some may be lucky to find the mercy of good samaritans.

Unfortunately, some people take advantage of the orphaned and vulnerable, forcing them into child abuse and labour. Others use them for financial gain.

Strong healthy family units promote the well-being of children. I support children growing in a supportive family unit. However, children living under the care of charity organizations are never going to end if many people continue ignoring orphaned and vulnerable children.

I understand that every individual has their own needs and priorities in life. Supporting a child who is not your own daily requires resources, a big heart and goodwill.

What can happen if all charity children’s institutions are shut down today? Many orphaned and vulnerable children will be displaced with no support system in place. That is why good samaritans come to their rescue through charity institutions.

Smile community centre, a home that empowers orphaned and vulnerable children in the informal settlements of Soweto, Kayole is a growing children institution that needs the support of well-wishers and donors to keep its charity mission going.

One of the priority needs for children is educational support. Orphaned and vulnerable children at smile community centre need all the support to continue with their education both in primary and secondary education.

You may be rich or you may be thinking, I would like to donate, but I’m not rich. Well, you don’t need much to do good. Your little support counts. Honey bees in the forest make honey in hollow trees and other areas that scout bees little by little until it enlarges.

The founder of smile community centre started supporting children inside her own house. That was long before any formality was in place. Whatever she had, she shared with her children and them. It took a step of faith to formalize the charity to reach more children.

Make a child smile today through your donation now. We strongly believe that your support will bring you happiness and good luck by acknowledging and supporting these children.