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Bring Joy to Children who need our help in Soweto, Nairobi

We make a life by what we give.

We offer a shelter and loving environment for abandoned, orphaned, or are vulnerable in the Soweto slum in the eastlands of Nairobi, Kenya.
We rely on your generosity to keep our doors open and to continue bringing joy, hope, and love to these wonderful kids. Every contribution is crucial in keeping our doors open.
IMAGINE the POWER of YOU : 1 giver, 1 child, 1 meal.
Donate now , call or whatsApp to book a visit to give support and see the smiles your support brings. Let’s work together to spread happiness and change lives.

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Give a smile now

We make a life by what we give.

In our short time here, let’s help others and make a lasting impact. By supporting an abandoned or orphaned child at the Smile Community Centre, you’re not just helping them now; you’re giving them a better future and receiving blessings in return. Join us in making a difference that truly matters.


Consider this: according to UNICEF, there are an estimated 153 million orphaned children worldwide with a portion of them being abandoned. Additionally, millions more are vulnerable and in need of support. Think about this: every hour, about 6,952 people pass away, leaving behind their dreams and stories. We all share this journey, knowing life doesn’t last forever. Enjoy life and show love.


To donate electronically, click the red Donate Now button below. Electronic Payment supports Mpesa Paybill stk Push, Master card, American Express, Apple Pay or VISA.

Alternative donation details i.e bank account and Mpesa paybill are also provided as you scroll down this page. Thank you.

Every bit of your donation works. We do not do charity to show off. We do charity because we love humanity. Humanity promotes a life of hope, peace, fulfillment , abundance and prosperity.

Financial Donation Guide/Estimates in USD

Below is a simple guide to help you understand how your donation can touch a child’s life.

KES 50 or $0.5 ->  Buy a fruit for a child

KES 100 or $1 ->  Buy milk for a child

KES 250 or $2.50 ->  Support for 1 child a day

KES 4000 or $40  ->  Support for 1 child,16 days or daily living needs of 16 children

KES 8250 or $82.50 ->  Support for 1 child,33 days or daily living needs of 33 children

More than KES.15000 or  $150 -> Supports multiple needs of children including school fees (You can also choose to pay fees directly to the school of the child. Please ask us for relevant school details)

You can also donate towards water supply. Soweto faces water challenges. Water comes once in a week and it barely fills a 1500 litres tank. There are 2 water tanks 3000 and 1500 litres capacity. It costs $25 or KES 2500 to fill water into both tanks.

Below are account details.

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