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A frightening experience, vulnerability is not a choice nor a desire. Vulnerable individuals bear the weight of their vulnerability, which can lead to service barriers and complete isolation. In a state of vulnerability, even the most basic decisions involving your life are taken away, undermining your independence and autonomy.

Those who are vulnerable remain far from realizing aspirations in education, healthcare, and social services, which are typically taken for granted. Underserved communities facing resource scarcity often prompt charities to extend help to individuals from deprived beginnings.

Daily existence homes exploitation and victimization. Women are disproportionately affected by manipulation and abuse, resulting in undesired pregnancies that weigh heavily on families and communities.

Tightly linked are poverty and inequality with vulnerability, creating a cycle of deprivation that entraps individuals. The absence of resources and support networks leads them to resort to begging on the streets and rummaging through garbage bins for food. Rising health issues, caused by malnutrition and unsanitary conditions, further undermine their weakened existence.

Discrimination and exclusion are prevalent among susceptible individuals in various settings. By ostracizing them, social isolation, limited ties, and a profound feeling of belonging nowhere ensue. Tormenting their minds, emotional and psychological distress can lead to a somber life for those affected.

Perhaps the most heart-wrenching aspect of vulnerability is the heightened risk of violence and abuse. Domestic violence, child abuse, and human trafficking loom ominously, preying on the vulnerable with ease. Some are even coerced into becoming tools for others’ financial gain, forced to roam the streets collecting money, their innocence shattered and their spirits crushed.

At Smile Community Centre, our mission is to create a sanctuary for the vulnerable and orphaned children, a place where they can find comfort and assistance. We provide a secure and nurturing environment where they can openly express themselves, regain their decision-making authority, and access education, healthcare, and vital social services.

Through our endeavors, we strive to offer proper nutrition and sanitation, enabling them to lead lives that resemble normalcy and bestow upon them a sense of belonging in this often harsh and unforgiving world.

Heightened risk of violence and abuse is perhaps inherent in vulnerability’s most heart-wrenching aspect. Menacing and targeting the weak, these issues prowl and lurk. Others are manipulated into serving as means for financial profit, wandering the streets soliciting donations while their harmlessness is destroyed and their aspirations crushed.

Comfort and support are what we aim to provide at Smile Community Centre for the vulnerable and orphaned children. They can express themselves openly in a safe and encouraging space we provide, regain decision-making autonomy, access essential services, and receive education, health care, and more.

Enabling them to lead lives that resemble normalcy, we endeavor to provide proper nutrition and sanitation.