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Poor Children

Is there one way in which you can change someone’s life?

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Being orphaned is not something one chooses upon themselves. A new born  baby losing a mother during birth and not having a father,losing your parent to an illness,being abandoned as a child with no one to turn to,these among others are the few ways in which one can find themselves without someone to call dad or mom.

It is  really heartbreaking because growing up as a child we need that love and support that can only be gotten from a parent.

I know that in our day to day lives you come across some of these orphaned kids on the streets.Yes we have orphanages and support centers where they come be accommodated but not all of them are lucky enough to have that.You can find that they support a given number of kids and as much as they try their best to help, they can only do so with the little they have.

This leaves the kids with nowhere to get help from and most of them end up stealing or becoming thugs in order to at least put something in their stomachs.And this is probably the only way they know how to because let’s be honest,when a street child comes looking for a job at your place of work, will you give it to them? Will you clean them up and give them food and a place to stay for the night?Some might say yes but I know a lot of people may turn a cold shoulder because of many reasons.They may think that maybe they might help them and they may steal from them in return.It’s only human to think that way but i think we shouldn’t be so pessimistic.We should have faith in them.

Maybe they do it because they know how some people are.They know that they just can not go on every door knocking and asking for help.But no matter how cruel the world can be,we still have some few with good hearts.Those who try as much as they can to help those in need and who help without giving a second thought.

And that’s what we as Smile Community Centre do.We have taken some of these kids into our care.We give them a home,a place where they feel safe and can grow up as normal kids without the burden of having to fend for them yourself or without having to keep on looking over your shoulder to see if you’re safe because you have a roof over your head.A place where they can learn and grow up to be what they’ve always wanted to be and to see their dreams come true.And it brings so much joy seeing them happy and living normal lives.

We are able to achieve all this from the help of well wishers who give us donations and help us in giving these children better lives.As I said earlier,being orphaned is not something we choose,it can happen to anyone no matter who you are.And when it does you’ll also want someone to be there for you.

Today,you can be that someone to someone.You can lend a helping hand.It doesn’t matter how much you give but whatever it is it will make a difference.It will put a smile on someone’s face and there’s nothing more satisfying than knowing you’re the reason someone’s smiling,someone has a roof on their head,has something to put in their stomach and has a chance at education.And that will all be thanks to you.

Be that difference in someone’s life.A reason that someone hopes and has a better chance at life and all that it has to offer.

Written by : Mourine Kirigho

Posted & distributed by : Peter Wafula

The smile community centre children’s home  is a safe haven for orphaned and vulnerable children where we provide them food,education and shelter as a foundation for their future.We are located in Soweto,Stappa stage in the eastlands of Nairobi,Kenya

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